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The quests for Zerzura, which the authors investigated over a ten-year long period of research, offer a singular example of microhistory, painstakingly reconstructed with the technical discipline often used for approaching apparently fathomless brain-twisters and conundrums. The authors not only carried out tireless and extenuating research in both Italian and English archives, but they also completed four reconnaissance trips between 2005 and 2010, scouring the Kufra-Uweinat Massif area...

Next the most southern part of the Libyan desert to verify and find further evidence of the extensive activity of the Italian expeditions in the years 1932-1934. Their work in the archives and in the field were interwoven in a logical process of discovery-confirmation, made even more valuable by their passion for a strictly historiographical interpretation of documents and precious relics in loco - the traces left behind as essential starting points for in-depthing single facts.

Flying over Zerzura - Edizioni Rivista Aeronautica
21x26 cm, 358 pages, 349 pictures, maps and original drawings

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The official presentation at the Ministry of Defence booth during the 2015 Torino International Book Fair (in Italian, courtesy ph. Max Dorigo)

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The presentation at the Air Force Officers' Mess (Casa dell'Aviatore) in Rome on 12 November 2015 (in Italian, courtesy CESMA)

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The special mention awarded to the authors on 6 December 2016 by the jury of the 9th Edition of the Air Force Association's "G. Douhet" Aerospace Literary Award.

The 2017 Special Prize for Historical Research awarded to the authors on 25 april 2017 by the jury of the 1st Edition of the UNUCI-Lucca's Premio Corsena, a national literary award on the history of aeronautics.



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